7 December | Welcome to the party pal! - Picturehouse Spotlight

7 December | Welcome to the party pal!

Don't miss Die Hard at your local Picturehouse on Friday 7 December

It’s been called the greatest Christmas film of all time, now it’s time to see it for yourself. Treat yourself this evening to the ultimate festive film, Die Hard, showing at your local Picturehouse.

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New York City cop John McClane (Willis) travels to LA to spend Christmas with his estranged wife (Bedelia).

His first stop is the office Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza, where his wife works. But terrorist Hans Gruber (an impeccable performance from Rickman) turns up with some hard-core mayhem in mind, leaving McClane alone in a vest, sans shoes, to save the day.

What follows is some of the best and most iconic action cinema ever to have come out of Hollywood, and will send you off into the night with a very unique Christmassy feeling. Yippee-ki-yay, Father Christmas!

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