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Family Favourites At Picturehouse This August

Picturehouse Entertainment's Technical Co-ordinator and author and illustrator of children's book Flynn's Window, Liz Hakki, has hand-picked five of her favourite family flicks showing at Picturehouse cinemas this August.

From the much anticipated Christopher Robin starring Ewan McGregor to Miyazaki masterpieces Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service, there are films for all the family at Picturehouse this month.

To celebrate the release of Flynn’s Window, children’s author and illustrator Liz Hakki has hand-picked five films you won’t want to miss.

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Christopher Robin

Having been a fan of A.A Milne’s books when I was younger, I am looking forward to seeing Christopher Robin’s grown up antics with Winnie the Pooh!
Another feel-good film from Disney, looking to heighten imagination for children and adults alike. On the same wave as Hook, where peter pan grew up, forgetting his fun side, Christopher Robin is now a grown-up businessman, who without realising, needed his old cuddly friends back to inject some fun and imagination into his life again.

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Incredibles 2

Who wouldn’t want to be in a superhero family? Continuing from the Oscar-winning brilliant first movie, but this time the mum- Elastigirl is taking over the superhero duties, while the dad stays at home.
Look forward to seeing domestic household chores mixed in with superhero action! I for one am looking forward to seeing how Dad copes.

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Ant-Man And The Wasp

I’m a huge Marvel fan and I had so much fun watching this one! It dives into the past showing you what happened with Hope’s (the Wasp) mum, all based around a quantum tunnel, with plenty of laughs (big and small!) for all the family.
If you liked Avengers Infinity War- you need to see this one to fill in the gaps, as it plays a vital part in the next instalment.

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Spirited Away

I’m currently loving the Summer of Ghibli season at Picturehouse. Not many cinemas celebrate animation like this and, speaking as an illustrator, I appreciate seeing animation that is hand drawn and not always digital.
This film is beautiful to watch and the storyline itself is a delight for any age.

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Kiki's Delivery Service

Also showing in the Picturehouse Summer of Ghibli season- Of course this had to be on here, it was originally a book and is about a little witch and her cat. (my fave!) It doesn’t focus so much on magic, but of the little girl coming of age in everyday life and her talking cat’s help along the way.
This is a great nostalgic film that stands the test of time for me!

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