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national partnership

Laphroaig At Picturehouse
We've teamed up with Laphroaig to bring the worlds of whisky and cinema together. Grab a dram from your local Picturehouse bar and keep an eye out for tastings and giveaway over the coming months.
Picturehouse and Refuge

From April 19th, Picturehouse and Refuge launch a national partnership and awareness raising campaign. Domestic abuse is the biggest issue affecting women and children in our society today - affecting one woman in four in her life and around 800,000 children every year. Refuge and Picturehouse aim to bring this hidden issue out from the shadows and into the public domain and raise crucial funds in the process, setting themselves a 50K donation target to reach by the end of 2019.

18 Apr 19 | By Noa Meshorer
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