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Out At The Cameo

Out at the Cameo is a project funded by Film Hub Scotland which aims to bring together LGBTQ youth and cinema.

Out at the Cameo is a project funded by Film Hub Scotland which aims to bring together LGBTQ youth and cinema. The purpose for the project is to give young people within the LGBTQ community the opportunity to screen and programme films which they feel best represent them and their community. Loyal member Louise Bullen tells us more on how she came to be a part of The Cameo’s great new group.

“I had heard about the project from attending a screening of Call Me By Your Name  at The Cameo and before that screening Dan (who expertly guides the group and has set up the wonderful things we’ve done so far) was handing out flyers and talking about the project.

Normally I find doing things alone nerve-wracking and going to this screening was the first time I had gone to the cinema solo. This may seem minor but I think everyone has that internal monologue that tells you ‘it’s weird’ or ‘everyone is staring’, but after 0.5 seconds you forget all that and it becomes comfortable. I held on to the flyer from that screening ALL week and spent a lot of time talking myself into and out of going to the event. Finally, on the day of the first meeting I decided to take the risk (I’m a Pisces- go figure!) and I couldn’t be happier.

Out at the Cameo has been an incredible opportunity to meet with other young LGBTQ people to talk about cinema. As a young person who struggled to come to terms with their sexuality, film was and still is a place to escape to. For many young LGBTQ people, film and TV can often be the first time they see someone who represents them and can make them feel seen and heard when they maybe struggle to find their own voice within society. This project chooses to amplify the voices of young LGBTQ people and gives us as a group a platform which allows us to screen things we feel are important.

As a result, the group has had the opportunity to meet with amazing people who have kindly come along to our meetings to chat with us about their role within the film industry, including Dr Leanne Dawson, Lecturer in German and Film at the University of Edinburgh, Georgia Stride from Film Hub Scotland, Neil Hepburn former marketing manager for the Cameo, Katie Goh writer and film critic for The Skinny and Alberto & Rafael from Cinemaattic.

Each these guests have been able to pass on invaluable knowledge which has helped us all as a group gain insight into the various paths that are available within film and how organisations are able to work together to create events. It is important for Out at the Cameo to be an inclusive and welcoming space for LGBTQ people and inclusivity has been a clear theme from the conversations we have had with all our guest speakers. We’ve taken insight from people who are passionate about their job and about inclusive film for all. As a result, the Out at the Cameo group is able to hold what we hope will be many screenings to come.

Our first screening was Freakshow, which celebrates the idea of individuality, inclusivity and striving to be your true authentic self, in a world that can often make that seem difficult. Out at the Cameo has just begun and we are all optimistic that this project will be able to progress and grow in a continued positive direction over the coming weeks, months and hopefully years!”

Louise Bullen 

For more information on the forthcoming Out at the Cameo events sign up to the Cameo newsletter, follow us on social media or pop in and ask! The next event will be on October 11th – diaries at the ready! Details to be announced!

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