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Adam Smith
Adam Smith is Senior Writer for Empire Magazine and a critic for Radio Times as well as being the author of The Rough Guide to 21st Century Films (Penguin/Rough Guides 2012) and a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio 4's Front Row. In his spare time he enjoys explaining to anyone who'll listen why Once Upon A Time In America is a much better film than The Godfather.

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Fresh New Films

Catch the newest art-house movies before anyone else, with Discover Tuesdays

Release Date: 27th Apr, 2018 | By Adam Smith
Sundays Of Suspense!

Don’t miss our celebration of Alfred Hitchcock

Release Date: 27th Apr, 2018 | By Adam Smith

An authentic, intimate and often incredibly moving look at a real life lived to the fullest.

Release Date: 6th Jul, 2018 | By Adam Smith
Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence stars in an adult action thriller based on a best-selling novel by former CIA operative Jason Matthews.

Release Date: 1st Mar, 2018 | By Adam Smith
Isle Of Dogs

Wes Anderson's latest stop-motion animation is irrepressibly delightful and is sure to become another of his classics.

Release Date: 30th Mar, 2018 | By Adam Smith
The Tale Of Princess Kaguya

Ahead of Sunday's screening of The Tale Of Princess Kaguya, we've dug out Adam Smith's Picturehouse Recommends piece from 2014.

22 Nov 17 | By Adam Smith
The Greatest Showman

The multi-talented Hugh Jackman (is there anything he can’t do?), alongside Zac Efron, Michelle Williams and Zendaya, heads up this ...

Release Date: 1st Jan, 2018 | By Adam Smith
Darkest Hour

There is probably no modern historical figure who’s been brought to the screen as often, and with such wildly variable ...

Release Date: 12th Jan, 2018 | By Adam Smith
Murder On The Orient Express

Nearly 90 years ago, in 1928, Agatha Christie took her first trip on the Orient Express, the trans-European railway famed ...

Release Date: 3rd Nov, 2017 | By Adam Smith

Oscar winning Kathryn Bigelow's follow up to Zero Dark Thirty takes a searing look at the Detroit riots of 1967.

Release Date: 25th Aug, 2017 | By Adam Smith
Sofia Coppola's La Traviata

Haute couture meets Hollywood cool this Spring in Sofia Coppola’s ambitious, passionate production of La Traviata, which features costumes by the designer Valentino.

Release Date: 9th Jul, 2017 | By Adam Smith
Alien: Covenant

Science fiction has been pretty good to Sir Ridley Scott. Not only did he found his astonishing career on a ...

Release Date: 12th May, 2017 | By Adam Smith