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Q&A: Peter Webber

The director of Inna De Yard on making a film about the music he loves...

Release Date: 30th Aug, 2019 | By Hannah Woodhead
Inna De Yard

In the lush hills of Kingston, Jamaica,  a group of musicians are recording an album. This in itself might not ...

Release Date: 30th Aug, 2019 | By Hannah Woodhead
The Lion King

It’s hard to believe that 2019 marks 25 years since Disney introduced the world to a little lion cub named ...

Release Date: 19th Jul, 2019 | By Hannah Woodhead
The Sisters Brothers

Guns, gold and the Wild West: acclaimed French director Jacques Audiard’s latest film couldn’t be more different from the cerebral ...

Release Date: 5th Apr, 2019 | By Hannah Woodhead
If Beale Street Could Talk

Two years after winning the Best Picture Oscar for his spellbinding feature Moonlight, Barry Jenkins returns to the big screen ...

Release Date: 8th Feb, 2019 | By Hannah Woodhead
Beautiful Boy

If you fell in love with Timothée Chalamet while watching his spellbinding performance in Call Me By Your Name, prepare ...

Release Date: 18th Jan, 2019 | By Hannah Woodhead