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James Luxford
James Luxford is a Film Critic, journalist and broadcaster. He is currently a critic for Radio Times, City AM and BBC Radio. He's also written on film for Little White Lies, Empire and The Guardian. He has an unhealthy obsession with Quentin Tarantino and played the Star Wars soundtrack at his wedding.

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Made in Chelsea

We raise the curtain on London’s exciting new Picturehouse...

Release Date: 9th Aug, 2019 | By James Luxford
After The Wedding

Weddings are  occasions filled with love, happiness, and the occasional embarrassing speech, but have you ever been to one with ...

Release Date: 4th Oct, 2019 | By James Luxford
Getting Animated

A behind-the-scenes look at Picturehouse’s new short film…

Release Date: 26th Apr, 2019 | By James Luxford

Sunshine, skating and friendship are the essential elements of Jonah Hill’s supremely confident directorial debut, Mid90s. Set in Los Angeles more than ...

Release Date: 12th Apr, 2019 | By James Luxford
Meet The Parents

We look at how Picturehouse’s Big Scream club has become a weekly must for parents across the country

Release Date: 30th Jan, 2019 | By James Luxford
The Top Ten: Christmas Films

Everyone has a favourite movie at Christmas time. Here are 10 we never tire of watching – look out for selected screenings at a Picturehouse near you…

Release Date: 11th Nov, 2018 | By James Luxford

Mike Leigh returns with his most ambitious project yet: a striking portrayal of a pivotal moment in British history.

Release Date: 2nd Nov, 2018 | By James Luxford
That Good Night

An absorbing British drama that explores issues that will resonate with everyone who sees it.

Release Date: 11th May, 2018 | By James Luxford

The definitive portrait of the late Alexander McQueen, unmissable for lovers of fashion and art.

Release Date: 7th Jun, 2018 | By James Luxford

Michael Peace's dark coming-of-age tale is a British psychological thriller that'd make Hitchcock proud.

Release Date: 27th Apr, 2018 | By James Luxford

One of world cinema's foremost directors, Andrey Zvyagintsev returns with a cutting drama which won Best Film at London Film Festival.

Release Date: 9th Feb, 2018 | By James Luxford
Q&A Andrey Zvyaginstev

The Leviathan director on his award-winning new film, Loveless.

Release Date: 9th Feb, 2018 | By James Luxford