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James Mottram
James Mottram writes on film for a number of publications, including The Independent, Total Film, FilmInk, Marie Claire, the South China Morning Post and The Herald. He's also written four books including The Making of Memento and The Sundance Kids, both published by Faber & Faber.

Recent Articles by James Mottram

The Big Interview: Danny Boyle

The Academy Award-winning director on his new film, Yesterday, working with Richard Curtis, his childhood Beatles memories and his Bond 25 adventure…

Release Date: 26th Apr, 2019 | By James Mottram
The Aftermath

From Dunkirk to Darkest Hour, World War II dramas remain a mainstay of British cinema. Yet the immediate fallout after ...

Release Date: 1st Mar, 2019 | By James Mottram
The Big Interview: Elizabeth Karlsen & Stephen Woolley

The award-winning producers of Colette are doing things their own way. We met up with them to find out how Number 9 Films stays ahead of the pack...

Release Date: 11th Jan, 2019 | By James Mottram

After the diamond-encrusted glitz of Ocean’s Eight, with its all-female team of jewel thieves, Steve McQueen’s Widows is like the ...

Release Date: 6th Nov, 2018 | By James Mottram

Idris Elba makes his directorial debut with a pulsating look at the world of Jamaican gangsters – or “yardies”.

Release Date: 31st Aug, 2018 | By James Mottram
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

J. A. Bayona helms the latest addition to the monster franchise with jaw-dropping results.

Release Date: 6th Jun, 2018 | By James Mottram
The Breadwinner

The first solo venture from acclaimed director Nora Twomeyan is an engaging, intelligent and poetic work.

Release Date: 25th May, 2018 | By James Mottram
The Leisure Seeker

A golden oldie road movie, The Leisure Seeker is the first English-language work from the award-winning Italian director Paolo Virzi ...

Release Date: 20th Apr, 2018 | By James Mottram
120 BPM

An intimate epic set at the height of the AIDS crisis, Robin Campillo's passionate drama is a triumph.

Release Date: 6th Apr, 2018 | By James Mottram
A Fantastic Woman

A transgender singer is left in shock after the sudden death of her partner in Sebastián Lelio's Almodóvar-esque masterpiece.

Release Date: 2nd Mar, 2018 | By James Mottram

A regular actor for the Coen Brothers in films like Burn After Reading and Hail Caesar!, George Clooney joins them ...

Release Date: 24th Nov, 2017 | By James Mottram

An incredibly moving and uplifting real-life tale, Stronger is the story of Jeff Bauman. This 28-year-old blue-collar Boston native became ...

Release Date: 8th Dec, 2017 | By James Mottram