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Joseph Walsh
Joseph Walsh is a full-time freelance film journalist. He has been working in film journalism for several years, covering a range of outlets including The Guardian, VICE, i-D, the BFI, Film4 and The Skinny, as well as other print and online publications.

Recent Articles by Joseph Walsh

A Decade Of Success

On 25 June 2009, The National Theatre made history. That night, Helen Mirren’s richly textured performance in Racine’s Phèdre was ...

Release Date: 26th Apr, 2019 | By Joseph Walsh
Mary Poppins Returns

Once again, the wind is in the east, and the mist is coming in, with the triumphant return of Mary ...

Release Date: 21st Dec, 2018 | By Joseph Walsh
Faces Places

Belgian filmmaker Agnès Varda returns with her deeply charming and insightful film which hits cinemas the year of her 90th birthday.

Release Date: 21st Sep, 2018 | By Joseph Walsh
The Happy Prince

Rupert Everett makes his triumphant directorial debut recounting the final years of Oscar Wilde.

Release Date: 15th Jun, 2018 | By Joseph Walsh
Molly's Game

He’s famous for writing some of the best scripts Hollywood has ever seen (A Few Good Men, Moneyball, The Social ...

Release Date: 26th Dec, 2017 | By Joseph Walsh
Logan Lucky

Steven Soderbergh's latest crime caper takes the action to the NASCAR racing world of North Carolina.

Release Date: 25th Aug, 2017 | By Joseph Walsh
Wind River

Many people know Taylor Sheridan for penning the screenplays for Denis Villeneuve’s heart-thumping thriller, Sicario, and David Mackenzie’s gritty neo-western, ...

Release Date: 8th Sep, 2017 | By Joseph Walsh
The Beguiled

Joseph Walsh anticipates Sofia Coppola's seductive Southern Gothic drama with an all-star cast led by Nicole Kidman.

Release Date: 14th Jul, 2017 | By Joseph Walsh
War For The Planet Of The Apes

Joseph Walsh give a preview of the final installment of the 'Apes' trilogy

Release Date: 14th Jul, 2017 | By Joseph Walsh

Following his debut feature Medicine for Melancholy, Barry Jenkins returns with Moonlight, a groundbreaking drama of self-discovery. After playing at ...

Release Date: 17th Feb, 2017 | By Joseph Walsh