Mia Bays, Author at Picturehouse Spotlight
Mia Bays
An Oscar winning twice BAFTA nominated creative producer working across fiction and docs, with a proven track record of launching careers with over 27 years experience in film on over 50 features. Mia now runs Birds Eye View Film - a charity and agency for change spotlighting films by women to audiences to effect industry change which has over 30k followers and a major new Film Influencers project Reclaim The Frame, promoting 4 new films by women in 5 cities, 6 cinemas. Picturehouse Central is a partner venue. She is this year’s Producer, Sundance Film Festival London 2018

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Sundance London '18 | Full Programme

Explore the exciting line-up of films and events at Sundance Film Festival: London '18. Picturehouse Central, 31 May to 3 June.

31 May 18 | By Mia Bays