Neil Hepburn, Author at Picturehouse Spotlight
Neil Hepburn
Neil Hepburn is marketing manager at the Cameo Cinema, appears as a film critic on BBC Radio Scotland’s The Janice Forsyth Show and writes screenplays by night. He is also a former Blue Peter Badge Winner, circa 1992.

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As groundbreaking animation Yellow Submarine returns to cinemas on Sunday, Neil Hepburn takes a look at the fab-four's influence on cult cinema.

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The Cameo presents We Love the Eighties! featuring nine days of Eighties cult classics, from Footloose to Whitnail & I.

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Discover Tuesdays Presents The Tribe

Neil Hepburn, Marketing Manager at The Cameo, gives us an insight into today’s Discover Tuesdays film.

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Neil Hepburn speaks to director Ted Kotcheff ahead of tomorrow’s Discover Tuesdays presentation of his cult classic Wake In Fright

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