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Late Summer Discover Tuesdays

Discover Tuesdays presents a line-up of wonderful films coming to a Picturehouse near you this September and October.

21 Aug 17 | By Paul Ridd
Assorted Gems

There’s always something different to see with Discover Tuesdays

Release Date: 2nd Aug, 2017 | By Paul Ridd
Discover Stunning Cinema This Summer

Find out the gems en route to your local Picturehouse in July and August that are screening as part of Discover Tuesdays.

18 Jul 17 | By Paul Ridd
Renaissance Man

The life of Michelangelo, artist, sculptor, architect and poet, is revealed in a new Exhibition On Screen

Release Date: 13th Jun, 2017 | By Paul Ridd
2017 Sundance Film Festival: Snow Days

Paul Ridd, London Cinemas And Acquisitions Coordinator at Picturehouse, is back from snowy Utah with a round-up of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Picturehouse Central hosts the London edition of the festival, 1-4 June.

3 Feb 17 | By Paul Ridd