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Discover Presents Animals (Preview)

Claire from Hackney Picturehouse takes a look at Animals, Sophie Hyde's adaptation of Emma Jane Unsworth’s 2014 acclaimed novel. Playing as a special Discover preview on Tue 30 Jul.

22 Jul 19 | By Staff Writer
Harbour Highlights presents When Harry Met Sally...

Anneka Honeyball from our Harbour Lights site reviews the classic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally...ahead of their special screening on 18 May.

14 May 19 | By Staff Writer
The Strange Loves of Kubrick and His Bomb

B.P. Flanagan and Katie Hogan explore Stanley Kubrick’s Black Comedy Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb fifty-five years after it's release.

10 May 19 | By Staff Writer
Discover Tuesdays Presents Wildlife

Sophie-Claire McLeod, Little Theatre Cinema, Bath, shares her thoughts on Wildlife, which plays in Discover Tuesdays on 6 November.

5 Nov 18 | By Staff Writer
Dog-Friendly Cinema

Here at Picturehouse, we’re as big a fan of dogs as we are of cinema. With this in mind, we thought why not join the two.

23 Oct 18 | By Staff Writer
EVERYONE IS DIVINE! at Hackney Picturehouse

Now open at the Hackney Picturehouse Gallery: Everyone is Divine! a photography exhibition from Darren Evans.

15 Oct 18 | By Staff Writer
Widescreen Weekend is back at Bradford

Widescreen Weekend is Bradford Science and Cinema Museum's unique festival of big, bold cinema experiences and film technologies past, present and future.

2 Oct 18 | By Staff Writer
Snowdogs Challenge: Win a Picturehouse Cinema Membership!

Win one of 10 Picturehouse Cinema Memberships for the brand new Ashford Picturehouse.

24 Sep 18 | By Staff Writer
The Miseducation Of Cameron Post

Out at the Cameo member Abbie Gladwin riffs on her thoughts about the forthcoming film from Desiree Akhavan - The Miseducation Of Cameron Post. 

4 Sep 18 | By Staff Writer
Out At The Cameo

Out at the Cameo is a project funded by Film Hub Scotland which aims to bring together LGBTQ youth and cinema.

4 Sep 18 | By Staff Writer
Discover Tuesdays Presents The Eyes Of Orson Welles

Stewart J. Burr from the Cameo, Edinburgh shares his thoughts on the new documentary looking at the work of Oron Welles. Playing on Tuesday 21 August

20 Aug 18 | By Staff Writer