Discover Tuesdays Presents Hannah

Discover Tuesdays Presents Hannah

Sophie-Claire McLeod, Marketing Manager at the Little Theatre, Bath previews Hannah, playing on Tuesday 19 March.

Hannah is the immersive french language drama starring Charlotte Rampling. This exquisite example of slow cinema from Italian director Andrea Pallaoro quietly follows the titular characters life as it’s turned upside down and she is left to deal with the consequences.

Rampling is extremely convincing as Hannah, a woman who shifts between reality and denial as she is left to struggle with the consequences of her husbands imprisonment. With little dialogue, we are guided expertly through the story by Rampling’s physicality and emotions. From the very opening shot, Rampling’s countenance sets the tone of anguish that dominates the majority of the film, which leave you in awe of her talent.

Hannah is a slow burn, giving little detail about how this situation has arisen and why it has left her in such haunting isolation. Details are sparse as we watch Hannah see her husband into prison for a crime that is never divulged, but clues are sprinkled throughout that suggests it has caused great shame for her and her husband, which has even cost her own son and grandson’s love.

The film is beautifully shot as an intriguing puzzle for us as the audience to try and put together. With long static shots that follow Hannah’s menial tasks, like watering plants, decorating her grandsons birthday cake and feeding the dog, it only further highlights the burden that she is left with that gradually takes her to her tipping point.

The cinematography from Chayse Irvin’s fits the mood of the film perfectly, with detached angles and carefully removed shots to further imply Hannah’s isolation. There are beautiful melancholic shots observing Hannah through door frames and windows that continues to focus our attention on Hannah’s painful, torturous sadness and loneliness that has been forced upon her.

This minimalist portrait of brutal isolation an emotional anguish is an excellent example of Rampling’s impeccable talent, showing the nagging hollowness that she is left to deal with in the wake of her husband’s actions.

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