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Discover Tuesdays Presents Walk With Me

Jonathan Stern previews this week's Discover Tuesdays presentation, the meditation on mindfulness Walk With Me

I get stuck in my own head. A lot. Thinking. Planning. Dwelling on things that happened yesterday. Dreading things that might happen tomorrow. Autopilot kicks in, and before I know it I’ve left the milk out on the side and put the cup of tea in the fridge.

Perhaps you get caught in this tide of cluttered thought too. You may have already considered mindfulness as a way to reconnect with the here and now. If you have, but even if you haven’t, Walk With Me will be worth your while.

Even though it offers few lucid, life-changing explanations of Xen Buddhist doctrines, Walk With Me is one of the most peaceful things I’ve ever watched. It’s a lesson in the power of stillness, and an exercise in inner housekeeping in its own right.

The film progresses at a slow pace, observing the daily routines and rituals of the Plum Village monks and nuns, pulling the viewer along serenely in its slipstream. Nuggets of wisdom are sparse, but they’re much more valuable as a result.

The real appeal of mindfulness hit home for me, as a big-city-dweller, in the fascinating final hour, which brings the worlds of calm and chaos together. It’s the stuff fish-out-of-water comedies are made of, but it brings several lovely moments of human warmth and connection. Who knew just breathing could offer so much joy?

Hop House 13 is proud to present Discover Tuesdays.

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