Discover Tuesdays Presents Vita And Virginia

Discover Tuesdays Preview: Vita and Virgina

Picturehouse Central's Marketing Manager Sarah Cook previews Vita and Virginia. Playing on Tuesday 2 July.

The story of an inspiring romance that helped create one of Virginia Woolf’s best loved books, Vita and Virginia is a captivating and must-see drama.

Based on a stage play by Eileen Atkins and is directed by Chanya Button, Vita & Virginia revolves around the true story of the relationship between Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf. As authors, they are drawn to one another by their work. When a chance encounter sees them finally meet, the two women begin an affair that would shape their entire lives.

Vita & Virginia is a riveting exploration of these two creative, intelligent, and striking women who are caught in a whirlwind relationship. In the lead roles are Elizabeth Debicki as Woolf and Gemma Arterton as Sackville-West. The actresses are incredible together. From their first meeting, as Sackville-West is drawn to Woolf’s dancing, the chemistry is instantaneous.The immediate rush of attraction is palpable and exciting. As the women are drawn through their intellect, imagination, and beauty, the film dives into their lust across beautifully crafted letters and fervent meetings.

The film doesn’t just explore their intense relationship but the almost modern-like world they inhabit. The open marriages both women have with their husbands allows the movie to take an intriguing dive into the Bohemian lifestyles world they live in. Despite the openness, there are hints of jealous from the men who are aware on how passionate Vita and Virginia’s love is; both men eager to protect the women from one another’s intensity.

Which is why the relationship’s crack run and cut deeper. For Vita, her devotion to her social status and vapid attractive things causes her to drift away from Virginia when a new pretty toy catches her eye.

Virginia’s troubles are more well-known and the story looks at the mental disorder that the acclaimed writer struggled with. Debicki is stunning in these moments that range from erratic to catatonic behaviour that can only seemingly be quelled by Vita’s open and honest presence.

Button, whose previous outing is underseen gem Burn Burn Burn, crafts an elegant and lush movie that is decorated in stunning 1920s aesthetics. Yet the director interjects a stunning modern twist to the movie, utilising almost fantastical elements to their love that enhances the dreamlike relationship.

Isobel Waller-Bridge’s synth heavy score enhances the contemporary feel of the film.  Yet the score flows from these modern samples into string-like period pieces that are absolutely phenomenal and catch this romance gloriously. Vita and Virginia a is dreamlike and gorgeous movie.

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