Inside Picturehouse: June - Picturehouse Spotlight

Inside Picturehouse: June

With the start of summer comes a bumper pack of blockbusters, horror and art house cinema. Settle into the cool comfort of the cinema and see some of the summer's hottest new releases. Here's just some of what's in store.

Setttle in to the cool escape of the cinema this June and enjoy some of this month’s hottest new releases including Rupert Everet’s triple-threat take on Oscar Wilde’s final days in the magnificent The Happy Prince, a powerful parable of passion and redemption. We settle in and prepare to be terrified with Hereditary; the horror that sparked rave reviews and scared critics silly on the festival circuit and look forward to the heist movie with a difference, the all-female extravaganza Ocean’s 8.

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Relive some of the greatest animated films from the fabled studio as we celebrate the release of The Incredibles 2.

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