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Keepin’ It Reel At Picturehouse Central

Toby King previews a new programming strand dedicated to cult films on celluloid at Picturehouse Central.

At Picturehouse Central we’re all about film in all it’s guises. As a spinoff of Picturehouses ever popular Culture Shock strand we’re pleased to announce Keepin’ It Reel a monthly celebration of cult cinema playing solely on 35mm and 70mm celluloid.

Every month we will screen a genuine cult classic on either 35mm or 70mm. To start the proceedings we’re going big with Christopher Nolan’s visually stunning existential space and time travel drama Interstellar (2014) playing Tuesday 27 June, 7.00 and Sunday 2 July 3.00pm.

Nolan is a vocal advocate of filming and projecting on celluloid and Interstellar is arguably the best contemporary example of how filming with analogue technology can not only enhance the visual experience, but also have a profound effect on the nature of the story itself.


Set in the near future where the Earth’s natural resources are on the verge of failing, a group of scientists and explorers embark on a voyage into the unknown via a newly discovered wormhole to find a new home for mankind.

Starring Matthew McConnaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine, this thrilling and visually stunning space adventure also delivers as a truly moving and profound family drama.

Interstellar is a film designed to be seen on as bigger screen possible, and they don’t come much bigger in central London than Screen 1 at Picturehouse Central!

Next up will be one of the most iconic films of the 90’s, Luc Besson’s hitman thriller Léon (1994) starring Jean Reno as a deadly assassin in New York City who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a street smart young girl Mathilda (a breakout performance from Nathalie Portman). Hot on their tale is the outlandish and sinister Agent Stanfield played with relish by Gary Oldman.

Léon plays from an original 35mm print on Friday 28 July, 9.00pm.

We have more exciting films that we’re pulling from the vaults in the months ahead to screen as part of Keepin’ It Reel, so stay tuned and keep a look out for further announcements!

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