Path of Blood Q&A Tour - Picturehouse Spotlight

Path of Blood Q&A Tour

Join us for a Q&A screening of the revelatory documentary showing at select Picturehouses.

The compelling and provocative documentary Path of Blood is coming to Picturehouse with a series of Q&A screenings. Don’t miss the chance to see the new film from acclaimed filmmaker Jonathan Hacker.

The tour commences with the London Premiere at Picturehouse Central on Tuesday 10 July.

“Gripping and revealing.” – Tom Dawson, Total Film ★★★★

 “Eye-opening…revelatory and deeply disturbing Philip Kemp, Sight & Sound

Q&A Tour

  • Friday 13 July, 8.40pm | The Ritzy, Brixton | Q&A with producer Thomas Small & author Aimen Dean | Book now
  • Saturday 14 July, 3.00pm | Hackney Picturehouse, London| Q&A with producer Thomas Small & author Aimen Dean Book now
  • Sunday 15 July, 3.00pm | Stratford Picturehouse| Q&A with producer Thomas Small & author Aimen Dean Book now
  • Monday 16 July, 6.15 | City Screen, York | Q&A with producer Thomas Small & Lydia Wilson Book now
  • Wednesday 18 July, 6.15pm | Duke of York’s, Brighton | Q&A with Aimen Dean, Rashad Ali and producer Thomas Small Book now
  • Friday 20 July, 8.50pm | Crouch End Picturehouse | Q&A with producer Thomas Small & author Aimen Dean | Tickets on sale soon
  • Saturday 21 July, 6.15pm | Phoenix Picturehouse | Book now
  • Sunday 22 July, 2.00pm | Cinema City, Norwich | Q&A with producer Thomas Small & author Aimen Dean Book now
  • Sunday 22 July, 7.45pm | Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge | Q&A with producer Thomas Small, Usama Hasan, author Aimen Dean Book Now
  • Tuesday 24 July, 6.15pm | Exeter Picturehouse | Q&A with director Jonathan Hacker | Tickets on sale soon

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jonathan Hacker and based on his book of the same title, Path of Blood depicts Islamist terrorism, as it has never been seen before. Drawn from a hoard of jihadi home-movie footage that was captured by Saudi security services, this is the story of Muslim terrorists targeting Muslim civilians and brought to justice by Muslim security agents. It is a stark reminder that all who are touched by terrorism are victimized by it.

Path of Blood reveals how brainwashed youths, fuelled by idealism and the misguided pursuit of adventure, can descend into madness and carnage. The raw, unvarnished footage, to which the filmmakers negotiated exclusive access, captures young thrill-seekers at a jihadi “boot camp” deep in the Saudi desert, having signed on to overthrow the Saudi government. They plot to detonate car bombs in downtown Riyadh, become embroiled in a game of cat-and-mouse with government forces and, as their plans unravel, resort to ever more brutal tactics.

Adopting a strictly objective approach, the film doesn’t editorialize and contains no interviews or “talking heads” commentary. The home video footage was shot by the terrorists themselves, allowing viewers to see them in all their complexity, while compelling audiences to draw their own conclusions.

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