The Timely Return of 9 To 5 - Picturehouse Spotlight

The Timely Return of 9 To 5

9 To 5 might have been released in 1980, but the themes still feel as fresh as hot coffee.

The daily grind of office life isn’t limited to gender, yet for many working women, there’s the added labour of dealing with misogyny and sexism in its various forms. Collin Higgins’ classic comedy drama, sheds light and humour within its home truths on office life which starkly resonate with recentĀ and overdue concerns on the treatment of women within the film industry workplace.

With the swinging trio of Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and a romping revenge fantasy storyline, we’re welcoming this essential classic back to our big screens nationwide on Monday 19 November. Watch the original trailer below which will be just the jolt of nostalgia needed to have you finding your nearest screening.

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