Podcast: Phyllida Lloyd On Julius Caesar
Acclaimed theatre and film director Phyllida Lloyd drops by to talk to Sam about the theatrical release of her acclaimed production of Julius Caesar.
Paul Hallam On Nighthawks

Paul Hallam, co-writer/co-director of Nighthawks, talks to Andrew Southcott ahead of the film’s appearance as part of Criminal Acts: A Charged Past.

5 Jul 17 | By Andrew Southcott
Podcast: Ceyda Torun On Kedi

Director Ceyda Torun pops by the Picturehouse pod-office for a chat about her new film Kedi.

2 Jul 17 | By Sam Clements
Podcast: Edgar Wright On Baby Driver

Sam has a quick chat with writer-director Edgar Wright about his new movie, Baby Driver and the season of films he curated at Picturehouse Central.

28 Jun 17 | By Sam Clements
Podcast: Nick Broomfield On Whitney

Celebrated documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield stops by for a quick chat about his new film Whitney: Can I Be Me. ...

17 Jun 17 | By Sam Clements
Podcast: Alex Kurtzman On The Mummy If you’re an iPod/iPhone/iPad kind of person, why not subscribe for free via  iTunes and don’t forget to leave a ...

11 Jun 17 | By Sam Clements
Larushka Ivan-Zadeh On Singin’ in the Rain

Elena Lazic spoke to Larushka Ivan-Zadeh about classic musical Singin’ in the Rain (1952) ahead of the film’s screening in our Critics Central strand at Picturehouse Central in association with the Critics Circle.

9 Jun 17 | By Elena Lazic
Podcast: Alien: Covenant & Frantz

Sam and Simon  talk about new movie releases Alien: Covenant, Frantz and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2. All in cinemas now. ...

14 May 17 | By Sam Clements
Sarah Turner On Public House

Award winning artist and academic Sarah Turner talks Jo Blair (Senior Programmer & Arts Manager at Picturehouse) ahead of a Q&A ...

12 May 17 | By Jo Blair
Woody Harrelson On Lost In London

Back in January, screen icon Woody Harrelson directed and starred in an unprecedented live feature-film event: a movie made on ...

5 May 17 | By Sam Clements
C.W. Winter On The Anchorage

Ahead of our screening of The Anchorage as part of the Kicking Ass: Middle Aged Women On Screen season, Jo Blair, ...

20 Mar 17 | By Jo Blair
Podcast: Elle, Logan And More

Sam and Simon take a look at some new cinema releases this March, including: Certain Women, Logan, Elle, The Love ...

14 Mar 17 | By Sam Clements
Naoko Yamada On A Silent Voice

Sam Clements talks to director Naoko Yamada about her new film, A Silent Voice. The acclaimed anime is coming to Picturehouse Cinemas on 15 March. 

4 Mar 17 | By Sam Clements
Logan Lucky – In Cinemas Now

‘Soderbergh roars back with a riotous heist caper.’ – Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian ★★★★

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