Q&A With Max Factor Make Up Artist Caroline Barnes

Q&A With Max Factor Make Up Artist Caroline Barnes

Caroline Barnes shares some highlights from her time as a Max Factor make up artist, as well as giving some tips on how to achieve your perfect look

What key products would you suggest to enhance your everyday look?

Great skincare, a perfect foundation for your skin type which conceals yet looks fresh on the skin, the correct of brow pencil to shape and define and lashings of mascara. The rest is decoration.

What do you always have in your make up bag no matter what?

Concealer, brow pencil, mascara and usually a facial oil to boost hydration throughout the day.

What is your favourite / most memorable experience from a film/TV set you worked on?

Oh gosh I have so many fortunately, but I guess the best memories where working with Kylie Minogue when we were promoting her Fever album. She performed at the Brits many times and we would have incredible sets, 100’s of dancers and the adrenaline was super high wanting it all to workout, live TV is always really stressful. It was incredible to be part of such a wonderful creative team, we had such fun!

What recent film(s) makeup do you think standouts/ has inspired you?

It has to be Wonder. I just love this film and the makeup designer Tuiten (who also designed Maleficent, I’m always entranced by Angelina’s cheekbones watching this film ) had a hard job it wasn’t easy with the actor being so young, but I think he did an incredible job. Also Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in The darkest Hour was awesome!

What are your top application tips on how to get the perfect glow?

To become familiar with your face. Know where the high plans of your face are as these are the areas that need to glow. Only powder between the brows, either side of nose and under bottom.

How did you first get into your career as a makeup artist? Tips for working in this area?

It’s survival of the fittest. I never said no to any job, just in case I would meet a new contact. Many jobs I didn’t want to do, but I forced myself. Along the way I have made personal sacrifices and missed parties etc. which was tough at the time but has ultimately paid off. First I was a beauty therapist, then I studied at the London College of Fashion. It was here I started assisting and learning. I spent my first few years on film and TV sets which I absolutely loved, as you work alongside a huge crew family.

What’s a typical day in your life when on a film/ tv set?

Usually early mornings! You need to be ready for your artist when they arrive. You need time to set up and be calm so you can get on with your job quickly and calmly. The mornings are always busy, but to be honest there is no usual day and that what I love most about the job. Every day is different and this keeps me inspired!

Have you seen any key trends / looks on the red carpet this award season?

The current key trend I think is naturally, beautifully structured makeup. It’s not really about 4 eyeshadows and contrasting lips it about creating an incredible makeup that brings out the best in my client.

What are you top 3 products to create the perfect base before you apply your make up?

AHA’s to soften the skin texture, hydration to create the perfect base and always a primer.

In one word how would you sum up the Max Factor look?

One word!!? Decedent

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