Behind The Scenes Of Our Paper Ident! - Picturehouse Spotlight

Behind The Scenes Of Our Paper Ident!

If you’ve been to a Picturehouse Cinema this year chances are you will have been treated to our cutting edge ident before enjoying your film. Here we show you how the magic happens!

In one of our most beloved campaigns, we used over 50 individual movie references, showed off all 23 of our cinemas and painstakingly created a beautiful ode to our favourite films which best demonstrates our big love of the bigger screen.

As the end of the year draws in, we’re feeling reflective and wanted to look back on the work we’ve done that you’ve loved. As well as enjoying a game of ‘name that film’ or ‘spot the movie star’, many of you have asked us ‘how was it made?’ Thus, as a rare treat, we’re giving you a special behind the scenes look at how our team, along with the clever folk at Picturesmith, made it all work using paper, scissors, patience and precision.

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