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Dementia Friendly Screenings

As part of our commitment to be Dementia Friendly, Picturehouse run monthly Dementia Friendly screenings at 16 of our cinemas across the country, and over 200 of our staff have attended information sessions run by The Alzheimer’s Society to become Dementia Friends*.

Dementia Friendly screenings aim to make cinema more accessible to local dementia communities by providing a fun and inclusive experience to enable people living with dementia, their families and carers to attend the cinema in a safe and welcoming environment.

Open to the general public too, the screenings are enhanced to suit the needs of people living with dementia: the lights are left on low, there are no adverts or trailers and the audience is allowed to move around – or sing along to any musical numbers! – should they wish to.

Free tea, coffee and biscuits are served for half an hour before the film to give people the chance to meet and socialise with others, and to familiarise themselves with the cinema space.

Tickets are at the reduced price of £4 per person, with a free place for accompanying carers.

The films we are showing over the next few months are…


Gigi (U)


Director: Vincente Minnelli. Starring: Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan. USA 1958. 115 mins.

Gaston (Jourdan) is a restless Parisian playboy who moves from one mistress to another, while also spending time with Gigi (Caron), a precocious younger friend who is learning the ways of high society. Their platonic relationship changes, however, as Gigi grows up, but Gaston won’t commit to one woman and Gigi refuses to be anyone’s mistress. So, Gaston finds he must choose between her and his carefree lifestyle.

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Carmen Jones (U)


Director: Otto Preminger. Starring: Harry Belafonte, Pearl Bailey, Dorothy Dandridge, USA 1954. 105 mins.

Set during World War II, the story focuses on Carmen Jones, a vixen who works in a parachute factory in North Carolina. When she is arrested for fighting with a co-worker who reported her for arriving late for work, foreman Sgt. Brown assigns young soldier Joe to deliver her to the authorities, much to the dismay of Joe’s fiancee Cindy Lou, who had agreed to marry him during his leave.

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There’s No Business Like Show Business (U)

There's No Business Like Show Business
There's No Business Like Show Business

Director: Walter Lang. Starring: Ethel Merman, Donald O’Connor, Marilyn Monroe, Dan Dailey. USA 1954. 113 mins

Terry (Dan Dailey) and Molly (Ethel Merman) are vaudeville performers who eventually add their three children to the act to become “The Five Donahues.” However, their children start to go their own way in time, with Steve (Johnnie Ray) deciding to become a priest. The other grown children, Katy (Mitzi Gaynor) and Tim (Donald O’Connor), join a show starring Victoria Parker (Marilyn Monroe). The Donahue parents become a performing pair again, but the family still faces personal upheaval.

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*Becoming a Dementia Friend simply means finding out more about how dementia affects a person – and then, armed with this understanding, committing to doing small everyday things that help the Dementia Community. Find out more about becoming a Dementia Friend 


Clapham Picturehouse – Dementia Friendly screenings 3rd Tuesday of each month
East Dulwich Picturehouse – Dementia Friendly screenings 1st Thursday of each month 
Gate Picturehouse – Dementia Friendly screenings 4th Monday of each month 
Stratford East Picturehouse – Dementia Friendly screenings Last Monday of each month 
Hackney Picturehouse – Dementia Friendly screenings 4th Friday of each month 
Crouch End Picturehouse – Dementia Friendly screenings 4th Thursday of each month 

The Ritzy, Brixton – Dementia Friendly screenings last Tuesday of each month


The Duke of York’s, Brighton – Dementia Friendly screenings 4th Friday of each month
National Science and Media Museum, Bradford – Dementia Friendly screenings Last Wednesday of each month 
Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge – Dementia Friendly screenings Third Friday of each month 
The Cameo, Edinburgh – Dementia Friendly screenings Last Monday of each month 
Exeter Picturehouse – Dementia Friendly screenings 1st Wednesday of each Month 
The Regal, Henley – Dementia Friendly screenings First Wednesday of each month
Cinema City, Norwich – Dementia Friendly screenings are on the 3rd Friday of the month for Feb and March, then will move to the last Friday of the month as of April
Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool – Dementia Friendly screenings Third Wednesday of each month
Stratford-upon-Avon Picturehouse – Dementia Friendly screenings 2nd Wednesday of each month 
City Screen, York – Dementia Friendly screenings Last Monday of each month

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