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Dementia Friendly Screenings

As part of our commitment to be Dementia Friendly, Picturehouse run monthly Dementia Friendly screenings at 16 of our cinemas across the country, and over 200 of our staff have attended information sessions run by The Alzheimer’s Society to become Dementia Friends*.

Dementia Friendly screenings aim to make cinema more accessible to local dementia communities by providing a fun and inclusive experience to enable people living with dementia, their families and carers to attend the cinema in a safe and welcoming environment.

Open to the general public too, the screenings are enhanced to suit the needs of people living with dementia: the lights are left on low, there are no adverts or trailers and the audience is allowed to move around – or sing along to any musical numbers! – should they wish to.

Free tea, coffee and biscuits are served for half an hour before the film to give people the chance to meet and socialise with others, and to familiarise themselves with the cinema space.

Tickets are at the reduced price of £4 per person, with a free place for accompanying carers.

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The films we are showing over the next few months are…


My Sister Eileen (U)

My Sister Sileen
My Sister Sileen

Director: Richard Quine. Starring: Janet Leigh, Betty Garrett, Jack Lemon. 1955. 120 min

Two small-town sisters — an aspiring writer, Ruth (Betty Garrett), and a would-be actress, Eileen (Janet Leigh) — move to New York City. They find lodging in a shabby apartment and struggle to locate promising gigs. Ruth eventually meets magazine editor Bob Baker (Jack Lemmon), who tells her to write about her life experiences rather than fiction. As it turns out, Eileen’s life, with her various romantic encounters, is far more interesting, so Ruth steals the stories for herself.

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The African Queen (U)

The African Queen

Director: John Huston. Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Robert Morley. 1951. 110min.

After religious spinster’s (Katharine Hepburn) missionary brother is killed in WWI Africa, dissolute steamer captain (Humphrey Bogart) offers her safe passage. She’s not satisfied so she persuades him to destroy a German gunboat. The two spend most of their time fighting with each other rather than the Germans. Time alone on the river leads to love.

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Love Me Or Leave Me (PG)

Love Me And Leave Me

Director: Charles Vidor. Starring: Doris Day, James Cagney, Cameron Mitchell. 1955. 120min.

During the 1920s, a small-time Chicago criminal, Martin Snyder (James Cagney), discovers a beautiful dancer, Ruth Etting (Doris Day), after she’s fired from her job at a nightclub. Under Martin’s management, Ruth works her way to the top of the entertainment industry, eventually becoming a famous jazz singer and Broadway actress. But as Ruth’s popularity grows, Martin’s obsessive and controlling behavior begins to threaten her success and happiness.

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Director: Michael Curtiz. Starring: Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, Paul Henreid. 1942. 102min.

They had a date with fate in Casablanca… Bogart plays Rick Blaine, a cynical but good-hearted American in WWII Casablanca, whose café is the gathering place for everyone from the French police to black marketeers to the Nazis. When his long-lost love, Ilsa (Bergman), appears with her Resistance leader husband, Victor (Henreid), Rick is pulled into both a love triangle and a web of political intrigue. Ilsa and Victor need to escape from Morocco, and Rick may be the only one who can help them. Still eminently quotable to this day, Casablanca has lost none of its excitement, drama or comedy, and ranks among the most romantic films of all time.

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Pillow Talk (PG)

Pillow Talk

Director: Michael Gordon. Starring: Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Tony Randall. 1942. 100min.

Playboy songwriter Brad Allen’s (Rock Hudson) succession of romances annoys his neighbor, interior designer Jan Morrow (Doris Day), who shares a telephone party line with him and hears all his breezy routines. After Jan unsuccessfully lodges a complaint against him, Brad sets about to seduce her in the guise of a sincere and upstanding Texas rancher. When mutual friend Jonathan (Tony Randall) discovers that his best friend is moving in on the girl he desires, however, sparks fly.

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*Becoming a Dementia Friend simply means finding out more about how dementia affects a person – and then, armed with this understanding, committing to doing small everyday things that help the Dementia Community. Find out more about becoming a Dementia Friend 


West Norwood Picturehouse – 4th Friday of each month
East Dulwich Picturehouse – 1st Thursday of each month 
Gate Picturehouse – 4th Monday of each month 
Stratford East Picturehouse – Last Monday of each month 
Hackney Picturehouse – 4th Friday of each month 
Crouch End Picturehouse – 4th Thursday of each month 
The Ritzy, Brixton – Last Tuesday of each month


Ashford Picturehouse2nd Wednesday of each month
The Duke of York’s, Brighton – 4th Friday of each month
National Science and Media Museum, Bradford – Last Wednesday of each month 
Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge – Third Friday of each month 
The Cameo, Edinburgh – Last Monday of each month 
Exeter Picturehouse – 1st Wednesday of each Month 
The Regal, Henley – 1st Wednesday of each month
Cinema City, Norwich – Dementia Friendly screenings are on the 3rd Friday of the month for Feb and March, then will move to the last Friday of the month as of April
Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool – 3rd Wednesday of each month
Stratford-upon-Avon Picturehouse –2nd Wednesday of each month 
City Screen, York – Last Monday of each month

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