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Dog-Friendly Cinema

Here at Picturehouse, we’re as big a fan of dogs as we are of cinema. With this in mind, we thought why not join the two.

Here at Picturehouse, we’re as big a fan of dogs as we are of cinema. With this in mind, we thought why not join the two. Our Dog-Friendly Screenings have been running with huge success for over a year sending tails wagging nationwide.

Every month or so, well-behaved dogs and their friendly owners are welcome at a select film screening which usually takes place on Sunday morning.  It’s a great way for dog owners to enjoy cinema without having to leave their best friend at home and to meet fellow dog-owning film fans.

We always have snacks and water ready and ensure all dogs sit on a blanketed seat as to avoid any hairs or mess. After the event, the screen is thoroughly cleaned making sure those furry cinephiles leave no trace behind. To further cater to cinema-loving pooches, the volume is dipped as we know they have superhero hearing powers.

The next Dog-Friendly Screening will be placed on this blog post so watch this space. Additionally, sign up to your local Picturehouse Cinema newsletter to be sure you know when the next event is and you and your dog don’t miss out.

Before you book your ticket, make sure you take a look at our Dog-Friendly Screening policy.

Upcoming Screenings

Check back here soon for pup-dates!

Please check back here soon or alternatively sign up to your local Picturehouse Newsletter for pupdates! Just select the cinema you want to sign up for on the link below.

Dog-Friendly Screenings Policy

This policy concerns pet dogs; it does not apply to assistance dogs.

At selected screenings, which will be clearly advertised as such, Picturehouse permits dog owners to bring their dogs with them into the screens (one dog per adult).

It is essential that this policy does not affect the enjoyment of other customers or create hazards for them, our staff or our premises.

Should a dog become unruly or adversely affect the enjoyment of others, the Manager needs to intervene and, if necessary, request that the owner and the dog leave the premises. No refund will be offered.

Dog owners are expected to adhere to the cinema rules and these should be brought to their attention.

If there are persistent and unresolved problems, Dog-friendly Screenings will be suspended at the Manager’s discretion.

To ensure that customers who may not wish to watch a film when dogs are present are fully aware of which screening they are booking, all Dog-friendly Screenings must be clearly advertised as such, both in advance and again when customers are purchasing tickets at the box office.

To protect the furniture, all owners are to be issued with a fleece blanket to cover the seat used by the dog or to use as a rug if the dog sits on the floor. When these are returned after the screening, they must be laundered separately from any other washing (e.g. tea towels used in the cafe).

The screen must be fully cleaned after a dog-screening to remove dog hairs etc. which may affect subsequent customers.

During the screenings, the cinema will provide bowls of water around the screen. Dogs should not be fed in the screen, though owners may provide small treats.

The control measures as detailed in the Dog-Friendly Screenings risk assessment must be in place. If any of the controls are not in place, the screenings cannot be offered until such time as they are.

If a dog fouls inside the premises, the procedure for ‘cleaning up bodily fluids’ is to be implemented; the owner can be encouraged to assist.

While dogs are welcomed into the screens, they are not allowed in the bar or dining areas or any back-of-house areas.

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