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Harbour Highlights Presents Seven Samurai

Harbour Highlights is a new series of regular screenings at Harbour Lights made up of classic films by legendary directors…

Harbour Highlights is a new series of regular screenings at Harbour Lights made up of classic films by legendary directors – all hand-picked by staff. However, the inspiration for these screenings came not from us, but from a passionate email we received from a 12 year old film fan named Daniel. After watching Seven Samurai for the first time, he urged us to show some Akira Kurosawa on the big screen. His plea was hard to argue with. Recently voted as the greatest foreign-language film of all time in a critics’ poll held by BBC Culture, it seemed the perfect film to launch the series – here, Daniel explains his choice.

Seven Samurai is often considered one of the greatest movies of all time and Akira  Kurosawa’ s masterpiece. It is praised for its story, action, characters, direction and also for being a huge inspiration for other classics such as John Sturges’ The Magnificent Seven, Sergio Leone’s A Fistful of Dollars and even Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. It has left such a huge impact on the movie industry to this day and even now stands impressively on its own.

The movie tells the story of a 16th century impoverished village that is under attack by bandits and slowly lose their valuable crop of rice in attacks, along with many other things. After multiple attacks a group of villagers decide to fight back against the bandits by recruiting the Samurai to help them.

Seven Samurai

These Samurai include a veteran Samurai who accepts the villagers request for help and as the movie progresses, six more are recruited who each have their own talents to help in the fight. Once the titular Seven Samurai have grouped together they then start to train the villagers to fight back and defend themselves in preparation for an epic battle.

Over the course of three and a half hours we meet and learn things about the characters. The more we learn about certain characters can make us either trust them or think they could be a little unstable, but that is all part of the mystery about these characters.

The movie offers action, drama, mystery, suspense and humour, and it all builds up to one of the most epic fights ever seen on film. This is truly a masterpiece of a movie that any film fan should see and a movie that is definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

Seven Samurai is showing at Harbour Lights Picturehouse on Saturday 24 November at 1.45pm (and includes an intermission!).

Upcoming films in the Harbour Highlights series include Some Like It Hot (Saturday 8 December, 3.30pm), Dog Day Afternoon and Amadeus (both TBC). You can view upcoming films in the series on our website.

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