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If you're a Picturehouse Member you must now opt-in to receive the magazine in the post

One of our 2018 resolutions is to go a little greener and we’d like to start by reducing the amount of paper we use and the post we send. We’ve listened to feedback and if you are a Picturehouse Member you now must opt in to receive Picturehouse Recommends, our quarterly magazine, to your home address.

If you would like to continue to receive Picturehouse Recommends in the post, please follow these steps:

• Log in to MyPicturehouse using your user name and password
• Select the ‘Update your personal details’ button
• Check that your address is correct and update if necessary
• Select ‘Show Preference’ and check ‘Picturehouse Recommends magazine’ under the ‘I want to receive post sent to my address’ header
• Click ‘Save Changes’

Not ready to change? If you don’t want the magazine delivered, you can pick up a copy at your local Picturehouse. You can also browse all the articles here on Spotlight!

Here’s to a happier, greener 2018!

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