Podcast | Climax with Gaspar Noé - Picturehouse Spotlight

Podcast | Climax with Gaspar Noé

Film critic Elena Lazic interviews director Gaspar Noé about his new film, Climax. In cinemas now.

Dizzying, electric and wildly disturbing, provocateur Gaspar Noé’s dance-horror hybrid takes us on a trip like no other when a party takes a hellish turn. Gathered in a remote lodge for a three-day tour rehearsal, twenty urban dancers embark on a horror ride after somebody spikes the sangria bowl with LSD. A pleasure-fuelled evening descends into chaos as one by one the dancers begin to lose control. Things slip out of focus, neuroses and psychoses take hold, and primitive selves are let off the leash – all set to the electronic beats of Daft Punk, Erik Satie and Aphex Twin.

Climax is in cinemas now.

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