Picturehouse Podcast | Heathers

Podcast | Heathers

Corrina Antrobus caught up with the director Michael Lehmann and Lisanne Falk who played Heather McNamara in the 80's cult classic Heathers. We're celebrating the 30th anniversary with one-off screenings on Mon 13 Aug

Director: Michael Lehmann. Starring: Christian Slater, Winona Ryder, Shannen Doherty. Duration: 103 min

Heathers is wise, wicked and daring. Counterbalancing the affectionate gaze of John Hughes, it looks back at highschool years as a morbid chapter of life; a slippery podium of popularity and a hunting ground for the socially inept. At Westberg Highschool, in hazy Ohio where Heathers is set, school is something to survive and endure rather than enjoy and cherish.

Less optimistic than the average teen movie with its diner dates and bubble gum pops, it critiques a culture that celebrates conformity and casts us as shoulder-padded lemmings. Bleak yes? Inappropriate jokes for today? Totally. However, yardsticks for progress are important and Heathers shows how far we’ve come in knowing what topics are ripe for comedy and what’s insensitive and just plain wrong.

As Heathers celebrates its 30th anniversary, its been given a vibrant 4k restoration and looks better than ever up on the big screen. We’ll be screening this cult classic starring a young Winona Rider and a James Dean-y Christian Slater as part of our Culture Shock strand from Aug 10 at Picturehouse Central and from the August 13 at all other of our cinemas. 

We had the pleasure of saying ‘greetings and salutations’ to director Michael Lehmann and Lissane Falk who played ‘yellow’ Heather – Heather McNamara. Listen in as we discuss the comeback of one of the best teenhood films of the 80s with the folk who made it happen.

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