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Assorted Gems

  • RELEASE DATE 2nd Aug, 2017

Discover is all about variety and colour, bringing you the very best in diverse world cinema, art-house movies and documentary film each week. Spanning multiple genres and languages, autumn’s programme is no exception.

We begin the new season with Hope Dickson Leach’s wonderful Bergman-esque study of grief and redemption in the Somerset countryside, The Levelling. Do not miss this superbly acted British film. In September, fans of twisty genre experiments will lap up the Ben Wheatley-produced time-travel thriller The Ghoul, which spins a peculiarly British tale from its meditative sci-fi themes and preoccupations.

A couple of gorgeous and very different French films will delight Francophiles: Christophe Honoré’s fascinating riff on Ovid in the delightfully odd Metamorphoses is followed by Isabelle Huppert on scintillating comic form in the sweet, tender romantic comedy Souvenir.

Documentary fans are well served by the sweetly observant cat documentary and love letter to Istanbul, Kedi, while Al Gore follows up his hit documentary An Inconvenient Truth with the powerful and aptly named An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power. Watch out for this urgent call to arms in the global fight against climate change.

There are also a couple of terrific reissues this autumn. Our Criminal Acts season draws to a close with classic Dirk Bogarde character study Victim (1961), and a Culture Shock special brings a gorgeous new restoration of iconic anime thriller Perfect Blue to screens. Plenty of deliciously dark and Hitchcockian themes run through this particular animated world.

These are just some of the highlights and there’s plenty more to sink your teeth into. In today’s uncertain times, think of Discover as part of Picturehouse’s tonic to insularity and isolationism, representing as it does a truly global film culture. Happy viewing!

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