Born To Rum - Picturehouse Spotlight

Born To Rum

  • RELEASE DATE 27th Apr, 2018

When you think of rum in films, it conjures up images of pirates, salty sea dogs and colonial rule. First produced in the Caribbean and South America, and rooted in the heart of local culture in many parts of the world, the spirit is inseparably linked with seafaring.

As long as 400 years ago, rum was given as a ration to sailors across the seven seas. It has strong links with our own Royal Navy, who mixed it with water to make grog. (Because fresh water spoils very quickly at sea, and beer sours when stored for too long, grog quickly became the drink of choice among Royal Navy crews in the 18th century.)

These days, there are an increasing number of watering holes with identities centred on rum. It’s distilled from molasses or sugarcane, which means that rum offers greater variation in flavour than grain spirits. This gives it broader appeal: you can sip it neat, like a whisky, or mix it into a fantastic range of long drinks and cocktails. Our favourite? The Dark ’n’ Stormy – best made with Kraken Rum, possibly the most seaworthy of the rums we stock.


Add plenty of ice to a tall glass

Squeeze the juice of quarter of a lime over the ice

Add 50ml Kraken rum

Top up with Fever Tree ginger beer

• Stir well and serve with a lime wedge

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