Corn Stars - Picturehouse Spotlight

Corn Stars

  • RELEASE DATE 31st Jul, 2017

How did the relationship with Picturehouse start? 

Picturehouse was the very first chain of cinemas to stock us, and they found us only a year after we launched at a London food show. After a trial in a few of the busiest cinemas, we were really lucky to be rolled out across all the sites. We owe Picturehouse and everyone who bought our popcorn a huge debt for taking a risk on our small family business, when we were such a young brand.

Why do you think Joe & Seph’s popcorn is a good fit for Picturehouse cinemas?

Their customers appreciate good-quality, premium snacks, which is what we offer. They tend to be much more “foodie” and keen to try different flavours. We have a range of 40 flavours, so it’s a good fit.

How do you come up with the flavours?

My dad, Joseph, from whom the brand takes its name, is our chef and creator. He’s inspired by different trends and the ingredients he has in our family kitchen. For example, our Gin & Tonic popcorn came about when we wondered what would happen if he poured gin into our handmade caramel sauce. As for our Peanut Butter popcorn, that’s simply because he loves peanut butter!

What’s your most popular flavour?

Definitely our Salted Caramel Popcorn. We make it in our London kitchens using our special caramel sauce topped with flakes of sea salt.

What makes your popcorn better than the standard packets?

At Joe & Seph’s we pride ourselves on making the best-tasting popcorn out there, and we’re lucky enough to have won 29 Great Taste Awards (the Oscars of the food world). We air-pop our popcorn – we don’t fry it in oil. We also pop our corn at the perfect temperature so that it pops as large as possible. Our specially trained pastry chefs then make our caramel coating by hand, using 100% natural ingredients and ensuring that every single kernel is fully coated. This way you can taste all the flavour on every single piece. We then remove all the small pieces so you just get the best and largest popcorn pieces in every bag.

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