Water Of Life - Picturehouse Spotlight

Water Of Life

  • RELEASE DATE 1st Aug, 2017

The next time you choose a bottle of water to go with your movie of choice at Picturehouse Cinemas, you can do so knowing your purchase is helping to save lives.

Life Water is redefining what consumers should expect from their everyday products. Not only is every bottle of Life Water locally sourced in the UK, 100% recyclable, BPA-free and made from lightweight, eco-friendly plastic, each one sold helps to fund clean-water projects across the globe.

Life Water’s associate charity, drop4drop, manages and develops each of these projects with in-country partners, who ensure that they are well maintained and provide communities with a sustainable and long-lasting source of clean water. To widen the positive impact of the projects, drop4drop also conducts health and hygiene training, and distributes soap to households.


Since the partnership between Picturehouse and Life Water began in November 2016, we’ve sold enough bottles to fund the installation of a borewell in the Nandipalli community in Andhra Pradesh, India. Once built, the borewell will provide more than 1,000 people with safe, clean water whenever they need it.

This community currently relies on a distant water tap that provides access to clean water only once every three days. A new borewell in the centre of the village will dramatically reduce the burden of water collection, freeing up time for children to focus on education, and for women to enter paid employment. Furthermore, because residents depend on agriculture for trade and income, having a local water source for nurturing crops is vital for economic development.

Originally we aimed to dig one well per year. Now, thanks to your ongoing support, we hope to increase this target to three borewells every two years. All the more reason to enjoy every drop – and maybe pick up a bottle for the journey home too!

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