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World-changing beer

  • RELEASE DATE 2nd Nov, 2018

What if changing the world for good were as easy as drinking a beer? Thanks to Brewgooder, the beer brand on a mission to end water poverty for one million people, it already is! Brewgooder donates every single penny of profits it makes from beer, merchandise and events to fund clean-water and sanitation projects in some of the poorest countries in the world. How good is that?

Its unique “Drink Beer Give Water” mission launched in 2016 with a successful crowdfund that brought the idea and beer brewing to life. Just two years later, Brewgooder has sold more than one million cans and 500,000 pints of lager nationwide. The result? More than 40,000 people across Malawi now have safe and consistent access to clean water – and entire communities have been transformed for the better.

Brewgooder’s flagship beer, the aptly named Clean Water Lager, is a zesty 4.5% craft lager brewed with a blend of Sorachi Ace hops. It’s a unique-tasting beer that’s crisp, easy on the palate, and extremely easy to drink. Every single can, bottle and pint you buy makes a real difference. In fact, every 24 cans or bottles sold will help a person out of water poverty for five years. You might call it a genuine taste-good, feel-good beer.

Picturehouse is delighted to announce that it will be supporting Brewgooder on its mission by stocking Clean Water Lager in all cinemas nationwide. Grab a can at the bar now, and join us on this mission.

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