ROH Live: Carmen - Picturehouse Spotlight

ROH Live: Carmen

Georges Bizet's Carmen will be broadcast live from the Terme di Caracalla in Rome on Tuesday 6 March

The Teatro Dell’Opera team opens its doors to a reimagining of Bizet’s Carmen captured live in 4K from the enchanting setting of the Terme di Caracalla in Rome. Latin American director Valentina Carrasco brings her Latin flare and contemporary musings to this homage of Mexican spirit entwined with the tale’s roots of love and envy.

Carrasco’s modern interpretation of the 1875 story transports us to the border between Mexico and the United States with President Trump’s threats of a dividing wall looming large. It focusses on illegal workers and immigrants of a tobacco factory and the Spanish army who form the US border.  The Mexican references in Carmen, depict a glimpse of local folklore and create rich and colorful visions in which mariachis with large hats and dancers of hip-hop with caps and gold chains cohabit between tradition and modernity.

Carrasco said: “I liked the idea of setting the work in a context where the story could happen today. I thought of Mexico for several reasons: from the landscape, a desert that blends well with the ruins of Caracalla to the social separation that exists between Americans and Latinos and the origin of Carmen’s character, belonging to a marginal social class. Depicting Carmen as a gypsy made sense since the gypsies, are still not well-seen by society today.”

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