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Limina VR Weekender at Picturehouse Central

Discover a whole new art form at Picturehouse Central's virtual reality weekend

Limina has teamed up with Picturehouse Central and Royal Holloway university to bring high-quality virtual reality content to a cultural audience.

From Saturday 1st to Sunday 2nd December the Limina VR Weekender will provide a cultural, artistic VR programme featuring a range of world-class experiences, including the work of The Guardian, Channel 4, ARTE and natural history VR studio, Biome Productions.

The festival will present different sessions which delve into a particular theme and transport audiences on a unique journey. Each of these pre-booked sessions will be approximately 50 minutes long and consist of 3-5 VR films. The team have tested and refined their live VR experience format for groups of ten people at once, designed to give audience members a comfortable, relaxed and fully contextualised experience. See below for the lineup and to book for one or all of the three programs available to watch on the Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 of December at Picturehouse Central, London. 

Uncovered Worlds

Each of these three VR experiences uncovers an unexpected world of magic or beauty. From the visceral spectacle of underground punk wrestling to a magician’s parallel universe to hidden beauty of Slough City Centre, this programme lets you experience the wonder that might be sitting right under your nose. All pieces demonstrate the talented work coming from the Gateway Cluster – the area to the west of London spanning from Harrow to Heathrow, Slough, Guilford and Aldershot. This strand is brought to you in partnership with StoryFutures, Royal Holloway, University of London and AHRC Creative Clusters.

This Is Progress VR // INITION // Peter Collis and Jessica Driscoll Director Peter Collis – Staines

This Is Progress takes us inside and ringside to see the rough, raw, brutal, beautiful world of ‘UK Indie Punk Wrestling’. Warning: the action is not confined to the ring. British independent wrestling is resurgent and promoters are staging sell-out shows across the country. Progress are the UK’s number one. The wrestling is playful, physical, brutal, foul-mouthed and beautiful. Jessica Driscoll our guide to the underground world of Progress Championship bouts, held monthly at Camden’s famously edgy Electric Ballroom. We meet fans and male and female wrestlers, who give us their take on what makes these unique and must-see events.

Bring Your Own Future / Close and Remote / Sophie Mellor and Simon Poulter – Slough
Bring Your Own Future is stunning journey painted in watercolours through Slough City Centre. Discover everyday city life from a wholly new perspective. Commissioned by HOME Slough, Close and Remote worked with local residents to bring about new ways of looking at the city. Through a series of moments at shopping centres, supermarkets, pubs and parks, this analogue adventure in virtual reality combines watercolour painting with beautiful immersive soundscapes.

Kinch and the Double World /Figment Productions – Guildford
A young street urchin named Kinch, living in Victorian London, steals a loaf of bread and is pursued by a policeman. Taking refuge in an old vaudeville theatre, he meets a magician who transports him to a parallel universe where magic is real.

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The Wild

What is wilderness? And in our human-dominated planet, does genuine wilderness even exist anymore? Meditate upon these questions in these breathtaking VR experiences while plunging yourself into some of the world’s most untouched landscapes. See Ethiopian mountain wolves, soak in Patagonia and listen to the true sound of silence in these thought-provoking and beautiful VR films.

Longing for Wilderness / Epic Scapes, Marc Zimmerman
Longing for Wilderness is a 360° VR-experience that takes you from the noisy city through the slowly transforming forest towards a calm and airy landscape. It seeks to express our innate longing to experience nature in its rawest form.

Sanctuaries of Silence/Adam Loften, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Silence just might be on the verge of extinction and acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton believes that even the most remote corners of the globe are impacted by noise pollution. In Sanctuaries of Silence, join Hempton on an immersive listening journey into Olympic National Park, one of the quietest places in North America.

Wilderness: An Immersive Journey Into Patagonia / The Guardian
The wilderness of Patagonia – shared by Argentina and Chile – has frequently been threatened by logging and oil industries. But in January, Chile signed a historic act of conservation, creating five protected national parks covering 4m hectares. Take an immersive journey through the wilds of Patagonia whilst exploring what wilderness really means.

The 500 / Biome Productions
The 500 is the story of one man who is dedicated to saving one of the world’s most endangered species – the Ethiopian wolf. The experience was created by Bristol’s natural history VR innovators, Biome Productions. With less than 500 individuals, the Ethiopian wolf is on the brink of extinction, and for Alo Hussein, these wolves are family.

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Future and Fantasy

We’ll never be able to fully predict the future, but we can still enjoy the mind-bending effect that contemplating it brings. Sit back, relax and enjoy a futuristic, fantastical journey into the work of Arthur C. Clarke, French electro artist N’to and the Alexander Whitley Dance Company.

I Saw The Future /Arte, François Vautier
In 1964, Arthur C. Clarke, the co-writer of Stanley Kubrick’s on 2001: A Space Odyssey, reveals his vision of the future. By revisiting the signal transmitted by the first cathodic images, this VR experimental film literally plunges us into the sound and visual matrix at the heart of this archive. In a dark expanse that could be the cosmos, we hear a voice: that of Clarke, whose face appears in the distance. His features quickly dematerialize into a multitude of shimmering pixels, creating an enveloping and immersive space out of which the thoughts emerge

Celestial Motion / The Guardian, Shehani Fernando, Alexander Whitley Dance Company
Inspired by solar science and spectacular images of the Sun, Celestial Motion explores humans’ relationship to the sun through a cosmic meld of contemporary dance and motion-capture technology.

Fantasynth / HelloEnjoy, N’to
Described by Road to VR as “An infectiously cool ride through mind-bending geometry”, Fantasynth is an audio-reactive experience designed for Virtual Reality. Glide through a procedurally populated environment that comes alight with the music, featuring the song Chez Nous by N’to.

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Begin Again

What does it mean to start again? These three emotionally moving VR pieces introduce us to people who are about to embark on a new beginning, whether that be through positive choice or devastating tragedy. Experience the Begin Again strand to immerse yourself in themes of hope, home, uncertainty and resilience.

Step To The Line / Ricardo Langarono, Defy Ventures
Shot entirely on location in a California maximum security prison, Step to the Line is a documentary that aims to provoke a transformation in the spectator’s eyes about prisoners, the prison system, and themselves. Step to the Line is a story of consequences, second chances and hope that explores the ways lives are changed when someone serves time in prison.

Sea Prayer / The Guardian, Khaled Hosseini, UNHCR
Inspired by the story of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian refugee who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, Khaled Hosseini, the novelist and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, has written a story that has been brought to life in animated virtual reality. The night before a potentially fatal journey, a father reflects with his son on their life in Syria before the war – and on their unknown future. Hosseini’s fictionalised piece takes you through the raw emotion of a journey that thousands of people have been forced to make.

Grenfell: Our Home / Parable, 59 Productions, Channel 4
Whilst questions about why the fire happened, who is to blame and what will happen next have barely been out of the news since last June, little is known about the people who called Grenfell Tower their home. Even less is understood about what it was like to live there, how people came to call it their home and what they have lost. Combining documentary interviews and animation, Grenfell: Our Home goes beyond the news headlines to bring to life survivors’ stories. It offers a powerful, moving and original perspective as well as a sensitive and respectful record of what happened.

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